Ayano offers various printing methods for glass, porcelain, and earthenware, using advanced machinery for diverse decorating challenges.

Screen printing
Widely used for glass, this technique involves direct application of ceramic ink through a screen and blade. The glass undergoes a 20-meter furnace at 640°Celsius, allowing up to eight colors.

Transfer printing
Ideal for small editions, intricate decorations, or full-color designs exceeding eight colors. Ceramic ink is layered on special paper, manually applied to the item, and fired in the oven.

Digital printing
Digital printing allows for high-resolution and intricate designs with a wide range of colors, offering unparalleled flexibility in customization.

Ayano decorated bottles and jars
Branded glass by Ayano
Ayano decorated bottles and jars
Ayano decorated bottles and jars
Two people holding a beer glass with logo customized by AYANO
Branded glass by Ayano
AYANO branded custom beer glasses

Reliëf printing

Add a tactile element to your glassware by opting for relief printing, making your logo not just visible but also touchable for a unique appearance.

Reliëf screen printing
Using special screens, we apply a thick ceramic ink to create a tangible and visible logo on glassware. This method avoids high mold costs and supports multi-color printing.

Embossed templates
In certain processes, we emboss your logo during glass production, offering options for placement on the side or underside. Additional printing is possible, allowing us to tailor glassware to your brand.

Laser techniques

Using laser technology, Ayano can imprint logos, text, or images on both the exterior and bottom of glassware.

Applying a logo inside the glass bottom creates a nucleation effect, keeping drinks fresher for longer. Our precision equipment ensures detailed laser work.

Our knowledgeable designers are ready to discuss possibilities with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

3D Laser technique
Our three-dimensional laser technique creates holographic logos or images in the thick bottom of glassware, making your brand stand out. This unique approach not only distinguishes your glass but also provides a distinctive look.

AYANO branded custom glass solutions
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Create a freezer-fresh appearance for bottles and glasses through frosting or satinizing. This matte look is achieved by immersing the glassware in an acid bath. Paired with specific logos, frosting enhances a brand's aesthetic. For an eco-friendly frosted look, we offer color coating.

Our designers are ready to explore possibilities with you. Contact us to discuss options for your brand.

Branded glass by Ayano
Branded glass by Ayano
Branded glass by Ayano
Branded glass by Ayano
Branded bottle by Ayano
Branded champagne by Ayano
Branded glasses by Ayano
Branded bottle by Ayano

Colour coating

Colour coating is an excellent technique for colouring your glassware. Depending on your wishes, we can apply the colours, for example, in a playful or stylish way. When colour coating, the glassware is sprayed in a chosen PMS colour. We do this with sustainable organic ink. With this technique glassware can achieve the appearance you’re looking for. Glasses, pitchers and bottles that have a colour coating are dishwasher safe, but not scratch resistant.

Also coating in metal look is possible like gold, silver, copper and this in glossy or mat, plain or with designs.

Our design studio would like to think with you about the possibilities of colour coats. Please contact us.

Gold/platinum rim

Glasses with a gold or platinum rim or print have a beautiful and exclusive appearance. For this we use an ink that incorporates real gold or platinum. Ayano is one of the few companies that can apply a gold/platinum rim to glasses mechanically, which enables us to produce larger editions faster.

We would like to think with you about the best option for your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Branded long drink glass by Ayano
Branded beer glass by Ayano
Branded cocktail glass by Ayano
Branded glass by Ayano

PAN Decor

First, an experienced craftsman applies wax onto the product and then with use of a system of needles the desired pattern is engraved in the wax. The cup is then bathed in an etching bath which etches the pattern in the glass after which the wax is removed with hot water.

The final result is a perfect deeply engraved pattern that will last a lifetime


The reflective surface of metalised bottles and glasses shines on the shelf and encourages customers to buy.

Metallisation is particularly popular with premium brands, special editions or the duty-free area.

The range of colours ranges from the traditional gold and silver to the eye-catching green or purple - both glossy and matte.

The metallisation can be applied over the entire surface or in a colour gradient.

Ayano decorated glasses
Ayano decorated bottles and jars
Ayano decorated bottles and jars
Ayano decorated bottles and jars

Automated numbering

Create your limited edition by numbering each bottle. Our laser carefully engraves the number in the bottle or glass or its print, creating a perfectly legible 1/500 etc.

Limited editions are highly sought after and will


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