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From big celebrations to just the two of us: it all starts with a drink. Ayano is proud to be part of countless unforgettable moments. 

AYANO custom beer glasses
Cocktail glasses with logo customized by AYANO
Liquor glass with logo, customized by AYANO
AYANO custom beer glasses
Cocktail glass with logo, customized by AYANO
Two people holding a beer glass with logo customized by AYANO
Two persons looking at each other in a cafe
AYANO custom champagne glasses

Company history

Crafting Excellence Through Time: A Journey of Innovation and Dedication



Founding of Hoogerhuis & Smit BV as agent for luxury brands such as Wedgewood, Scott Zwiesel etc.



Hoogerhuis & Smit goes into a different direction. Besides agent for different glassfactories, H&S evolves to a specialist in creating decorated glasses and ceramics.



Decoprint is born, a production facility for decorating glasses and ceramics.



Start of GPC Romania, a joint venture between Decoprint and Matei Popovici.



Merge of H&S and Decoprint.



Opening of the new Showroom.



Hoogerhuis & Smit, GPC and Decoprint turn into AYANO, a new brand is born.



In the year of the glass, Ayano achieves ISO 22000 certification and now 100% owned by Erwin Meeuwesen, already on board since 2003.  With the new management team and supported by the entire Ayano team we are ready for a great future



Launch of our own glass range. You can download our high-end beer catalogue here.

Capacity history

From humble beginnings to becoming a powerhouse in glassware, we grew from a capacity of 15 million in 2001 to a capacity of 120 million in 2023.

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Proudly certified on the journey of distinction — Ayano combines creativity with stringent standards, ensuring a tapestry of quality, sustainability, and responsible practices.

ISO 22000

We proudly hold the ISO 22000 certification, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to food safety and quality management.

Ecovadis certified

As an Ecovadis certified company, Ayano is recognized for our commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

CDP certified

Our CDP certification signifies our active participation in environmental disclosure and transparency.

SMETA certified

With SMETA certification, we demonstrate ethical business practices and social responsibility in our supply chain.


Ayano is FAVV certified, reinforcing our compliance with the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.

SGP audit

Ayano is proud to be approved by The Coca Cola Company, aligning with their Supplier Guiding Principles.

Engie green energy certificate

Electrabel SA certifies that our electrical energy consumed during the specified period is entirely sourced from renewable energy.

ISO 22000

ISO22000 is an international food safety standard with the goal of providing safe food to consumers. In 2022, Ayano achieved this certification.

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