Sustainability policy

Sustainability deals with global and regional issues concerning the environment, the economy and social responsibility; our sustainability pillars.

Ambitious sustainability targets are included in our long term strategic planning.

Our aim is to reduce any negative environmental impact whilst remaining economically sustainable and socially responsible. We are a leading supplier of inherently sustainable packaging.

Glass is a permanent material and is therefore classified as material that once produced can be recycled or reused without the loss of quality, regardless of how often the material is recycled.

As part of functional engagements with our customers, our team addresses key sustainability challenges such as climate change, water stewardship and responsible sourcing.

The main areas of environmental impact are identified and documented. This should include as a minimum:

– The consumption of energy, water and other natural resources;
– All significant polluting emissions, discharges and wastes; and
– Impacts on biodiversity, for example, from the destruction of natural habitats and the use of chemicals.

Evidence of controls and programs in place to address environmental impacts is available. Written confirmation of compliance with local and national environmental regulations is available.

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