Everyone has held a Kikkoman soy sauce bottle in their hands, did you know that they have all been printed by Ayano since 2004?  

Initially 400,000 bottles a year left our factory, now there are 25 million a year!

The Kikkoman bottle with the famous spout was first printed with one decor, now we print as many as 45 variations. The conical shape of the bottle is not easy to print, by using multiple stations Ayano achieves a perfect result.

Nice to know: Ayano works closely with the filling plant. Ayano positions the Kikkoman print precisely between the seams of the bottle. After filling the bottles, the cap is placed on the bottle in exactly the right way so that the logo sits just between the spouts!

Ayano loves the challenge of delivering all those differently printed bottles in the right way. In one layer of a truck we load up to 10 different variants of the bottle. The bottles are delivered all over the world from the Netherlands.

Ayano's service level is extremely high not only in terms of logistics but also in terms of storage. There are over 4 to 5 million bottles in storage, yes, neatly sorted by type of printing.

In corana times, the demand for Kikkoman soy sauce from home use increased tremendously. Thanks to the flexibility of Ayano and its employees, we were able to meet the demand for printed bottles, partly by continuing production on weekends, so the volume increased from 18 to as many as 35 million bottles per year.

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