Russell & Co

Several years ago, Ayano approached Russell & Co.

The brand has been around for a long time: British Josiah Russell was one of the first to introduce the Dutch people to the popular drinks Ginger Ale and Tonic in 1887. After WW2, Vrumona took this brand under its wing. Where Russel & Co was first mixed more as a tonic with Gin, this drink is now promoted more as non-alcoholic refreshment, based on flavors from the past.

In terms of printing, the transparent Russel & Co bottles always came with a plastic sleeve. Ayano, as mentioned, contacted Russel & Co and took on the challenge of printing the bottles. A difficult job because of the pattern that had to be printed from top to bottom of the bottle. But perseverance wins and by adjusting the design slightly, it became possible to print the entire bottle with several sieves.

With a very grateful customer as a result. Ayano's expertise as a decorator and thinking with the client about the packaging paid off. As Russel & Co itself says, "Since we got rid of plastic, we have been welcomed by all kinds of new parties." Because the bottle now features more durable printing instead of the plastic wrap as an alternative, Russel & Co can now serve a much wider range of customers. Ayano prints one million Russel & Co bottles a year.

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